Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Time and the living is easy

Relax. I'm here.

Sorry for the delay in posting. The demands of my summer schedule have been terrific.

So many things have happened this summer! Matt and I took Buddy on his first road trip to Savannah! We went to Myrtle Beach with my family, and then Buddy started obedience school.

Its been a great summer and I want to share some of the fun with you!

First things first. Buddy got neutered. :( However, as a prize for being so good, he got to ride in the car with me and Mathe to Southpoint! Unfortunately, Buddy does not understand why he cannot be the driver:

Buddy did get lots of kisses when he was sick:

After he was better, me and Buddy decided to join Matty on a work trip to Savannah! We drove down Saturday morning and stayed through Monday night. We were fortunate to get a hotel on E Bay Lane, which is one block from the famous River Street.

Buddy on the Way!
Me on the Way

Matty Driving

Our first night, we went to a restaurant called 'The Old Pink House'. It is one of the most famous/iconic restaurants in Savannah. They are famous for a salad called the 'BLT'. The salad consists of romaine lettuce, bacon and is topped with a fried green tomato and buttermilk ranch dressing. Of course, I tried it. I also tried their most famous drink, 'The Pink Lady'. This drink had raspberry vodka and pink lemonade. So good.

The Pink Lady
BLT Salad
The Old Pink House Bar
Buddy at the Old Pink House. Best Dog Ever.

After we got back from dinner, we were all very tired. We decided to rest up before our sightseeing day on Sunday:

Tired Caterpillars

Buddy in his bed
Buddy in My Bed

Downtown Square (one of them)
Buddy ready to go!
The next day we decided to do some sightseeing. First we took Buddy and walked all around on River Street and the Downtown Square.


When I was trying to take a picture of the candy store...Buddy decided that he would yank the lease out of my hand...please see the resulting pictures.

Buddy running away with the leash!
The actual picture

 Next, me and Matty took Buddy back to the hotel to rest and we went on a sightseeing cruise!

Matt on the River
Me on the River

Riverboat Cruise!
View from the River

On the last day, Matt did some work and played golf with a client. I took Buddy to the doggie park where he made a new friend Rex! They were so cute together, chasing the ball and digging holes (so dirty eww.)

Buddy and Rex

Finally, Matt finished golf and we headed back to the 'ol NC. We actually didn't get home until 2:30 am. I was dead the next day at work...but totally worth it!


The next weekend after Savannah, we left for Myrtle Beach with my family.

Funny Name for a Club
Schwip with his tiny fork for crab
Here are just a few funny highlights of our trip! We had a great time with our family just relaxing at the beach and spending time together.

Me at Dinner
Hilarious Flag

Matt's Aunt Julie and my cousin Deirdre were also in Myrtle and we got to spend some time with them too!

Thanks everybody for reading! Sorry again its been so long. Promise to be better for you.

What did you do this summer??

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Harry Potter...Swooooon

This came in my mail this week:

Please notice that there are 50 pages of Harry Potter!!!!!!!! Thank you, Harry.

So spoiled right now.

I have been reading it non-stop since I got it, except when I am working of course. That's my time to read blogs and such.

Matt does not understand why I need this. So, I took a break last night and watched MasterChef with him. I am so giving.

Anyways...just wanted you all to know how excited I am about the premiere!!!!!!

Love it!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wine & Design

For our anniversary, Matt and I decided to do something a little different.

We decided to be artistic.

You have to know, we are not artistic at all. Neither of us is good at art, but we try to appreciate it! :)

Wine & Design is a place where they teach you to paint a famous painting, while drinking wine. The painting we chose was Dogwoods by Vincent Van Gogh.

Here is the actual painting:

So, that is what is we were aiming for.

First, we painted the background. We could choose whatever color we wanted. I chose a light blue, Matt chose a light blue green type color. One person chose purple, one chose pink and one even chose red. Lots of different paintings were produced.

Here are our paintings after we did the background...they look so good, right?

Kathleen's Background

Matt's Background

After we painted the background, we moved onto the branches:

Kathleen Branches
Matt Branches

First we painted each trunk, with branches coming off of it. Then we painted the shading into the trunks and branches.

Here is Matt intently painting his picture! He was so good at it :)

Finally, we put on the clusters of dogwoods:

We had so much fun doing this together! I highly recommend it as something fun and different to do with friends or family!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Harry Potter! (And Universal Studios)

I love Harry Potter. I am not ashamed. I am SO excited about the movie on July 15th! My brothers and I have planned to go. This will probably shock most of you, but Matt does not love Harry Potter as much as I do :(

I know, I know. It is terrible. But I will be ok. Thank you for your prayers and support.

However, I have pushed through the pain, overcome this hardship and visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios!

Please see everyone prior to seeing Harry Potter:

Amy Marie


We were all SO excited to see HP! After driving the hour or so to Orlando, we got into the park and went straight there. My first vision:

Harry Potter! Hogsmeade Village
Then of course, Matt and i had to have a picture:

Please notice the sheer awe on Matt's Face. Thank you.

We decided to wander around first, here are a few pics from the village:
Durmstrang Boys

Hogwart's Express
Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Finally, we got into the ride that went through the School. Here is the Sorting Hat! He would tell everyone the 'rules of the ride'. So cool.

After we did Harry Potter, we went through the rest of the Park. Amy-Marie's favorite ride was 'The Hulk'. Matt liked Poseidon's Fury and Papa Dukes liked our lunch break :) Nice and Cool in the air conditioning! The heat index that day was 105!

We had such a fun time, but were so exhausted from all our fun! Here is me and Matty on our way home: